Mini Side Glass Jar
Mini Side Glass Jar

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Mini Side Glass Jar
Mini Side Glass Jar

Sweets - Sweets

Product Description

Mini transparent glass side jar with silvber plastic screw on lid. Available with various fillings. Pricing is based on product filled with Jelly Beans and doming to lid. For other fillings and personalisation options please contact the sales office.

Product Size :80 x 57 x 80mm
Print Area : 50mm dia

Available in :

  • .Boiled Sweets .Boiled Sweets
  • .Chalk Torpedoes .Chalk Torpedoes
  • .Fruit Sweets .Fruit Sweets
  • .Gum Balls .Gum Balls
  • .Jelly Beans .Jelly Beans
  • .Liquorice Allsorts .Liquorice Allsorts
  • .Peppermint Pillows .Peppermint Pillows
  • .Tum Tums .Tum Tums
  • .Wine Gums .Wine Gums

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